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During a divorce in Florida, it is common to establish a parenting plan for children of both parties. A parenting plan includes but is not limited to timesharing, holiday timesharing, school and social activities, travel, and more.

Timesharing in Orlando

When referring to “timesharing” as it pertains to a divorce, we aren't referring to a vacation rental property in Oahu. Timesharing is a method of co-parenting despite a divorce. In Florida, there is no such thing as sole or joint custody. Parents share time with their children unless there are circumstances where supervised timesharing is necessary or, sometimes, no timesharing at all.

There are suggested guidelines that dictate how often the noncustodial parent can see the children in question. If a timesharing agreement cannot be agreed upon, the court will decide what the best arrangement is in the interest of the children.

Timesharing can be difficult. We're here to help you seek a favorable solution.

Even though neither parent is entrusted with sole custody or majority custody, child support is still paid out to the parent spending the most time with the children. Child support is still considered proportionate to factors such as income, percent of time spent with the child (timesharing), cost of related expenses, etc. Timesharing cannot be denied if child support is not paid on time.

If you are amidst a divorce where children are shared, contact the Orlando divorce attorneys of Veliz Katz Law for a consultation.