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Living Wills in Downtown Orlando

Wills are not a document that should only be thought about creating in the later years of your life. It is imperative throughout your life to update an existing will as your life grows and changes so that your loved ones are always taken care of and your assets are always secured.

Living Wills in Downtown Orlando

The most important thing to note about a living will is that provisions can be made related to continuation of life support or state of living if an individual cannot make decisions for themselves. A living will does not have jurisdiction after death. If you are seeking counsel for preparation of a last will and testament, contact Veliz Katz Law.

Without a living will, families and healthcare providers are left to determine circumstances for individuals unable to consent to medical procedures or termination of care. Unclear provisions can often lead to disputes resulting in litigation over which party reserves the right to make the final choice and/or which choice in a matter should prevail.

Similar to a legal will, it is up to the creator how much detail is to be included in a living will. The more information included about your wishes, the more helpful you could be to healthcare administrators or family members. A living will allows an individual to stipulate what medical procedures they agree to be performed on them. For example, if an individual does not wish to be resuscitated or kept on life support with no brain activity, they could stipulate this in a living will. A Health Care Surrogate can be designated for the purposes of making health care decisions in the event the creator of the living will becomes incapacitated or unable to consent to medical procedures.

In order for a living will to be considered valid in the state of Florida, it must be signed by the creator in the presence of two witnesses. One of these witnesses cannot be a blood relative or a spouse. Florida will recognize a living will signed in another state if that living will is in compliance with the laws of the other state or of Florida. After the living will has been made effective it is recommended that a copy is made available to the creator's physician to be filed in their medical records.

If you are interested in creating a living will, contact Orlando estate planning attorneys of Veliz Katz Law for a consultation.