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6 Apps to Make Co-Parenting Easier & Less Stressful

Veliz Katz Law Sept. 4, 2018

Communicating with an ex is difficult, especially when kids are involved. In order to be a responsible parent you have to find ways to co-parent effectively, peacefully, and to the best of your ability. Luckily, we're in the 21st century and technology has made it easier for separated co-parents to share parenting responsibilities and communicate effectively.

Of course, co-parenting is easier said then done (married or not) which is why it's worth looking at ways technology can help parents out. Here are the top apps that can aid separated parents in being their best selves for their children:

  • Our Family Wizard ($99)

  • 2 Houses ($10)

  • Coparently ($10)

  • Cozi (FREE)

  • Custody Exchange (FREE with upgrade options)

  • Talking Parents (FREE + downloaded fees)

These apps can reduce the hardships of coparenting and communication. If you're looking for legal advice regarding co parenting and dealing with communication contact David Veliz at Veliz Katz Law. Read the full article here to learn more about these awesome apps.